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Ari Seaman

Ari M. Seaman is a partner in iGROW Induction Lighting located in Cleveland, Ohio. Ari has used his extensive experience to lead the agricultural community in adopting sustainable and innovative tools and systems as an integral component of their business modeling and strategic planning for legal marijuana. Ari's grow room designs for cannabis are becoming nationally recognized, especially marijuana grow warehouse and marijuana dispensary design.After obtaining degrees from Arizona State University and The Ohio State University, Ari started working in the land development and construction industry in the NW Ohio – SE Michigan areas. Within a few years Ari was made partner in charge of all construction operations for all multifamily and single family homes. In the late 1990’s Ari chose to redirect his career path and focus on a new industry, at the time called “Green Building”. Ari was influential in establishing standards for The United States Green Building Association (USGBC), Building Performance Institute (BPI) and other influential energy standards boards and agencies. Ari’s focus was to empower communities through educating their leaders and adopters on the power of sustainable construction and practices.   Ari also started commercial and home energy audit companies that performed detailed system analysis for both residential homes and stand-alone businesses. By 2004 Ari was nationally known as one of the special young leaders of what had become an established green industry and accepted an offer to work for one of the leading specialty lighting companies in North America. Ari was trained by the foremost lighting professors in the world and again became an educator and leader in using lighting for energy efficient and sustainable practices. After just a few years, Ari was promoted to national sales manager and helped build the company into the largest induction lighting manufacturer in the USA.    In 2009 Ari was approached by Eric Senders, who had built an agricultural products business with sales all over the world. Using Eric's extensive research contacts working with the USDA and numerous agricultural universities, Eric created a plan that would allow Ari to again work with the top researchers in the agricultural and plant lighting fields to create the first full spectrum light developed specifically for growing plants.  After more than 3 years of due diligence and research trials to validate and verify the effects of this innovative agricultural light, and after selling major installations across the country, iGROW has grown into one of the most experienced and well respected companies in the agricultural industry.   Through Ari’s guidance, iGROW is now providing design build services for large indoor and greenhouses cultivation facilities for recreational and medical cannabis across the country. Ari and his partners’ vast experience in commercial construction, sustainable practices, induction lighting and energy efficient equipment make iGROW the superior choice for forward thinking agricultural operations. LinkedIn Profile: Educational Videos on: /  Background Video of Ari Seaman: