eric senders

Eric Senders

Eric Senders is a founding member of FSS Hydro, LLC / iGROW Induction Lighting. Eric brings more than 25 years’ experience in the formation and development of business start-ups to his role at FSS, where his primary focus is on developing the operational and financial models to successfully bring products to market, as well as helping customers/growers create strong business plans for their operational success.   In addition to founding iGROW Induction Lighting with his brother, Cary Senders and Ari Seaman, Eric was a founder of 6062 Holdings, LLC, which developed and currently markets a complete line of grow media products under the Sure To Grow brand name internationally.Eric was a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer for GroundScape Technologies, LLC from its inception in 1999 through October of 2005, when it was sold to a venture capital firm. At GroundScape, Eric developed the operational and manufacturing infrastructure that helped make the company the largest producer and distributor of colored loose fill-rubber products for playground safety and landscaping applications in the United States.Eric also founded two other companies; the first, Conservation Resources, became the largest water– and energy–conservation consulting firm in the Midwest. The second, Schilling Square Development, became a model for redevelopment of outer ring neighborhoods within the city of Cleveland.Eric received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Qualified and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans.Eric is active in his community as a volunteer and Board member of several Non Profit and charitable organizations.