stephen gieder

Stephen Gieder

Stephen Gieder, Founder of Humboldt Green, Northcoast Horticulture Supply, Humboldt Wholesale has created a national cannabis brain trust that has grown from its roots in Humboldt County, California to include national and international relationships with decades of experience.  

The Humboldt Green Team has been supporting cannabis farmers and driving policy in this quickly changing industry, by playing a significant role in drafting land use ordinances in California for commercial outdoor, indoor, and mixed light cannabis cultivation.Humboldt Green's experience and guidance will make sure your future business is in compliance from inception, which is the key to implementation of a successful cannabis cultivation operation.Humboldt Green has partnered with teh California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the regional water district to give cannabis farmers workshop series, which has educated hundreds of California cannabis farmers.  Topics included modern cultivation techniques, how to come into compliance with new and evolving state and local regulations, how to maximize production while minimizing the environmental impact, and the marketing and branding of new and existing cannabis businesses.