Feasibility & Business plans

Executive Summary

Every successful business starts with a realistic and obtainable business plan. The Executive Summary will outline the:

  • Opportunity
  • Expectations
  • Problems in Market
  • Solution to Market
  • Competition
  • Why Us?

The Opportunity

The experienced Cannabis Design Services Team knows in detail the ins and outs of a successful cannabis business and how it relates to state Medical  and Recreational Marijuana Licence structure. The cannabis Marketplace will be evaluated and the specific marketplace details will be explained.  Understanding your clients and their needs is the key to success  

Financial Plan

This section of the marijuana business plan will outline the key factors in the financial viability of a legal marijuana code compliant cannabis business. The constantly changing world of medical marijuana has created challenges for long term success.

The Cannabis Design Services Team knows the in's and out's of the industry and will describe what steps need to be taken to assure long term sustainable success.  If you are looking for all the details for a dispensary business plan, cultivation or processor we have the ability to model each sector specific to your needs. 

Complete Financial Statements

The advanced and detailed calculations for your business will be formatted into statements that will help develop an economic model road map.  This information is essential to setting up your business, establishing the true viability or even explaining to potential investors the opportunity to be part of your plans.

Statements will include:

  • Projected Profit & Loss
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statements