Application processing

Environmental Awareness

When working with the Cannabis Design Services Team you will get detailed information about your marijuana business and how it will impact the local and state economies, as well how your facility design will impact your local environment.  Applications can include topics such as:  

  • Detailed water usage reports
  • Nutrient disposal & management reports
  • Mercury disposal reports
  • And other key reports that may be specific to your location

Carbon Footprint of Cultivation

The future is now when it comes to the environmentally friendly cultivation and processing of cannabis. The days of using non-sustainable practices that consume more energy than the server rooms at Google are rapidly coming to an end. It is critical to recognize and understand the impact that your business will have on energy usage and clearly outline in your Application what measures your business will implement in order to be aware, responsible and responsive 

Bio-Security / Pesticide Free

Marijuana License Applications will want specific information on your company's procedures for the handling of the chemical and pesticide compounds used in your grow process. When you have a cultivation design from the CDS Team, it will detail how you are going to use advanced automation and environmental controls and practices to greatly reduce or completely eliminate the use of pesticides in your facility. 

Putting It All Together

The Cannabis Design Services Team will work diligently to assure that your application stands out from the rest. Having your entire consulting team on the same page and working together will help reduce the costs and the time to put together your entire application. Working together with our team, you will feel confident that you have submitted the best Application you could have, thereby giving you the best chance to begin a successful and profitable legal marijuana business or marijuana dispensary.